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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus

{ Harry Potter Role-Playing Game }
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...to Hogwarts Dreams, a Harry Potter RPG that picks up where Order of the Phoenix leaves off. Voldemort and his Death Eaters are still at large and much of the same concerns as before plague our characters. The wizarding world is slowly moving towards a climatic clash between good and evil and this is the tension that more or less affects Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Role-playing is done here in this community journal and it must be in first person. Role-playing at your personal journal isn't mandatory but it's highly recommended. ;)

Please read the rules before applying to join. By joining, we're assuming that you agree to abide by the rules.


1) You must be 15 or older for obvious reasons.

2) In order for this journal to be active, we're requesting that you post a minimum of two entry per week. Don't join if you know that you can't reach the requirements. And if somehow, you join and are unable to reach the minimal post requirement, please contact a mod.

3) Please act in-character. You may change characters slightly and due to time but please do not exaggerate changes and events that are irrevevant.

4) Keep fights in-character. If you're having problems with another player, please come to a mod.

5) If you're going to introduce a new twist in the plot, contact a mod. We'd like to inform everyone when there are dramatic changes in the plot and make sure no one has objections.

6) Posting out-of-character is not allowed in this journal. All OOC posts must go in hd_ooc.

7) All posts will be in 1st person perspective. You are your character so please post like it's that way!

8) Be nice to other players. It's just a game!


Any form of relationship is fine, including slash. However, do take time to elaborate; they don't just happen overnight. Also, please make sure that it's okay with the person playing that other character before you start a relationship with them. If they refuse, then there's really nothing you can do about it.

Who can join?

I've recently made this community open. However, HogwartsDreams is still only for people who are serious about role playing. Meaning, you'll post regularly and be an active part of the RPG. Please don't join if you do not have the time.

From now on, each person is limited to one canon character. However, you may have as many OCs as you like.

If your desired character is taken, you're still welcome to send in an application (but not join). I will keep your application on hand and if the current member leaves for some reason, you're be able to fill their spot.

How to join...

First, check to see if the character you want is still available. If they are, click here and fill out the application.

Once you've done that, click on the 'join' link at the top of this page and you'll hear back from us in a couple of days.

Remember that...

If you don't follow the rules in any way, the mods have the right to ask you to leave the RPG and replace with another player. If you stop posting, we will take it that you no longer want to be in the RPG and we will remove you from the member list. This is non-negotiable.


italicized - means we're looking for a replacement.

Gryffindor House
Harry Potter - hey_big_d
Ron Weasley - ronisahottie212
Hermione Granger - gryffindorrose
Neville Longbottom - xcanyouhearmex
Ginny Weasley - rasberrysparkle
Parvati Patil - parvy_patil
Aurelia Grey - grey_animalover
Lavender Brown - nevilles_gurl

Slytherin House
Draco Malfoy - delicious_draco
Elliot Grinwald - elliotgrinwald
Pansy Parkinson - pansyparkinson1
Blaise Zabini - _boy_blaise_
Crevan N. Bonaventure - crevanb
Avianna Frost - ladyavianna
Gabrielle Linford - _gabrielle
Quintus Dawson - stealingjoke
Kaeiis Cameron - kaeiis_cameron

Ravenclaw House
Cho Chang - cho_chang4
Sakura Jacobs - sakura_jacobs
Melinda Sklerijenn - shoes_with_sole

Hufflepuff House

Hannah Abbot - yellow_abbot
Susan Bones - flairewitch

Professor Dumbledore - _apwbdumbledore
Professor McGonagall- hi_im_pooter
Remus Lupin - rjohn
Narcissa Malfoy - sexy_cissa

The Daily Prophet - dailypr0phet

Feel free to ask for any character that's not on the list. OCs are welcome. Make sure you tell me about them in your application.

Alyssa - quixotical8@yahoo.com
alyssaandleanne - alyssaandleanne@yahoo.com
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