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little fox, big street.

I looked about my room at the Leaky Caludron. I sent Loki out (disgused as me) to pick up a few of my books. I hope he comes back safily. Or with out anyone notcing he is not me...I jsut hope Loki keeps his tail under the robe, talk like I would and get the books. I will see how he did later when i go out to get soem more robes. I will ask the shopkeeper if 'I' behaved properly. Silly little Kitsune. I hope he does well.


'So I look just like Crevan... like a human. No one seems to be staring at me oddly, so I guess I am doing everyhting right.' I walked into the store, almost tripping once on my..errr..well Crevan's robes. I looked about and saw the books I needed to purchases. Crevan gave me the right amount of money so i quickly bought the books and left the store. But not even 3 meters later. I bumped into someone.

'I-I'm sorry' I said with Crevan's slight stutter.
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