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Private Journal Entry

Dear Journal,

A lot has happened since my last journal entry. Cho Chang owled me and invited me to do a group thing with her. It was quite fun. Out of her people, Harry came, though I didn't fare any better; I was only able to get Elliot to come along. But I guess it was still fun. We had ice cream, went to a Muggle movie theatre, and we also went to Diagon Alley. Harry seemed a bit distant towards me, but that's okay. I guess it was because we don't really know each other and everything.

That same weekend I went to a concert with Elliot. I hope I wasn't overwhelming him. ^_^; We had supper beforehand; he seemed like he enjoyed himself. I'm glad he was able to go with me. He's a very good friend. ::Sakura smiled at her last sentence. He really was fun to be around and to talk to.:: I hope we'll be able to more things together before school begins again.

Speaking of school, I'm in between feelings for the coming school year. I'm very anxious for it to begin, because it is totally boring around here, but on the other hand, I don't want it to go back because it will be my last year at Hogwarts. :-( I think I know how Cho must've felt this year. Maybe I should owl her and ask for advice or something.
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