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'There is something oddly attractive about blood.' The death eater thought to herself as she looked at some of the crimson splatters on her hands. She was in a forest, not sure wich one though. But she just wanted to apperate somewhere and think about what happened. Her brother will probably read the newspaper at the leaky caludron tommrow, and not even know she was the one that killed that muggle family. All by herself. She smiled underneath her mask as she took in the red, thouh in the dark it looked more brownish-purple...she knew it was red and that is all that mattered. It was truthfully hard to belive that muggles bleed red. She was postive that the bleed another color...like a whiteish-yellow that you get from squshing a bug. She had killed muggles before, but never made them bleed. She disemobodied the mother, avada kendava the father, and as the child looked up at her, she told him he would go to bed soon. She layed him in his mother remains before killing him too.

The father supossildy was in contact with a spy in the Death Eaters. It turned out he was. But he didn't know the name of the traitor. Even under imperious. He knew about the wizarding world though his childhood best friend. One that is working in as a apothocary owner.

She heard some twigs snap and some voices, as she looked up, to see if it were her partner-in-crime, as one could say.
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